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Kim Kardashian" Consumed With Killing Raccoons"?! Obtain The Scoop On The Strange Report|e! Online

"> "The strangest point I have actually ever before reviewed myself online was that I was simply obsessed with, like, killing raccoons and also actually unusual animals,"" Kim dished. "" And also he or she provided like a phony police guide. This whole tale regarding just how I took my high heels and would certainly merely stomp on them. It was merely the weirdest tale I have actually ever before checked out."" PICS: Kim's mommy style Jean-Paul Goude/Paper Magazine Kim likewise revealed there once was a mistake on her Wikipedia page that explained her middle name as "" Kathleen." "" "My initials would be KKK, to make sure that's truly strange that no one fact-checked what my mid name was,"" the mommy of one claimed. Kim also detailed that she as well as her hubby shot to take down their phones as much as possible when together. "" Kanye didn't have a phone for four years.

Associated article: http://thecouturecandy.pixnet.net/blog/post/89794259

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